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Hello, this is a Wiki dedicated to MMORPG, Programming, Manga and Anime. Although you can still post topics about other things, I'd appreciate it if you could stick to the topic. If I post something off topic it's probably for a reason, so please, Enjoy Animanga101 !

Python ProgrammersEdit


For all people who'd like to start programming, this is the language to start with. What you'll need to know about programming is pretty basic. Skip this if you already know the foundation of what I'm talking about. Programming is not just programming, it's divided up into tons of languages, creating your own isn't impossible but it is pretty tough. The first thing that you're going to do in any language is make the language respond "Hello World". In Python this is pretty simple and you will learn this almost impossibly easily. The best book I can recommend for starting out with python, is "Hello World, by Warren and Carter Sande". If you don't have the money to buy this book, I'd suggest looking for free e-books.I have not reviewed this book but I'd try this site for an e-book with python :

You may directly download Python from here : Windows :

                                                              Mac OS X :

Installation and Use InstructionsEdit

  • '​After downloaded from the link above, run the .msi file, you'll go through an installation process, go through it as you would with any other installation. After that you're going to go ('Windows 7) Start Menu > All Programs > (Scroll down look for Python folder) > and Select IDLE (Python GUI), this is your "Interactive Mode" Where you can just type in one line of code and It'll return the results. But when you are writing a program, you are going to go to the top left and Select File > New Window... This will take you to a blank page titled "Untitled" this is where you'll be running your programs. There is a tab at the top where file was that is titled "Run" if you don't want to look for it, simply press the F5 key, It'll ask you to save, put in your desired file name and add .py at the end. if you don't add .py at the end the file won't work when you double click it, which basically brings up a command line. This just runs the program you've made. The module runs it while it is still in the Shell(IDLE).

Japanese LearnersEdit

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For all those intresting in learning one of the hardest languages on earth, I'd suggest first off visiting  Japanesepod101 is basically just a simple, fun way of learning japanese. As of December 8th, 2012 I will be taking these lessons as well, if you don't think that this is an effective way of learning the language alone, then we'll do it together. You are all welcome to post your word or message of the day from Japanesepod101 or even make your own.                                                                                  Learning Japanese can be very beneficial even if you have no idea why you're learning this, or you're just doing this for the fun of it (which I doubt). New Releases, you'll be the first to understand the next "Pokemon", or Japanese Game about 2 months in advance from your other freinds, and the best part is, english is your native language so you'll never forget that, just try to make time in your weekly life style to practise japanese regularly.