Woodcutting - F2P Edit

For free players on Runescape, woodcutting is one of 

the best ways of making money. You can cut Yew Logs for 494 gp each. When you are cutting yews, it is not recommended to cut at the Grand Exchange, there are better places to cut and it is populated by Runescape Botters.  If you are cutting yews for a living, don't bot it's no different then cutting it yourself. You make about 13k per inventory of Yew Logs, and about 2.9k Exp . At level 60, you'll get about 1 Full Inventory in about 7 Minutes, so you'll get 8.5 Inventories per hour. So basically this method gets you 110k per hour .

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A Player Cutting a Yew Tree. This Yew Tree is found at the south entrance of Falador near the Cow Farm. On World 4, this is not a very populated area.

Keep going for like 8- 10 Hours, you'll have 1M.  As you get a higher woodcutting level, the rate will increase accordingly, so basically the rate of cash will increase. Right now, Yew Logs, are in high demand, and I think they'll always be as long as there are new members in Runescape. They are used for Firemaking ( Easy 99 ), and they'll be even bought more for fletching by members. Fletching is an extremely slow skill so they'll need all the yews they can get. Once you get a decent amount of cash, If you are willing to risk the money you don't need, you can start dicing. This can easily get you up to 1.5M, then 2M, then 3M, then 7M, then 13M, then 25M, and 50M, if you choose to go further, it's your choice and you can't beg for your money  back.